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I offer companies a broader view and know-how gained through practical experience to boost development. Assignments are individually tailored based on in-depth discussions and agreed in writing. My extensive networks can also be called on where needed to help precisely find the right experts for your company’s needs. I work on both an assignment basis and as an interim manager.

Examples of Customer Projects

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”Miikka Jämsen served as interim manager for us at Alamarin-Jet Oy, and the turnaround project he led, advanced according to plan and generated the ambitious results we desired for. Our financial situation was stabilised by controlling costs and developing our pricing. Our organisation and operative management model were also renewed. Our strategy work and final key development projects are underway and also progressing nicely. We have been extremely satisfied working with Miikka Jämsen in these demanding change management tasks.”

Hannu Teiskonen, Chairman of the Board
Alamarin-Jet Oy and parent company Teiskonen Oy:

”We are contract manufacturing company for international corporations. The products we manufacture are relatively heavy, between 5 and 30 tons, and the variation between models and the size of deliveries is considerable. We wanted to change our product costing to better support the calculation of delivery batches in different sizes. For this, we needed an outside perspective and expertise. Under Miikka’s leadership, we changed our costing principles for procurement, production and sales, for example, which affected both internally and to the direction of the group. We made changes to our ERP system and how data is entered, calculated and monitored. On top of this, Miikka coordinated a Power BI integration that allows us to visually monitor the profitability of different products and customers, even on a daily basis.We started by clarifying the current situation and the problems, then we agreed on what needed changing, and after that the changes were implemented. Introducing new operating methods and providing the necessary training were an important part of the project. The whole process took less than half a year. ”

Jyri Paavolainen, General Manager
Fortaco Group, Kalajoki BU

”We wanted to clarify the actual and correct profitability of the products and customers. A characteristic of our process is that it produces not only our main products but by-products that can also be utilised. Miikka helped us to create a model for calculating how to differentiate the revenues and costs of these by-products from those of our main products. The assignment was by no means straightforward, but Miikka successfully coordinated the development work together with the supplier of our ERP system. Our reporting and business monitoring is now at a completely different level. Performance data is recorded daily, and interactive reports are available in real time. We can use this information, for example, in customer negotiations.”

Jaakko Kurikka, Managing Director
Kurikka Timber Oy

”The reliability and performance of one of our units were clearly below our targets and customer expectations. We called on Miikka for help because we wanted to fix the situation. An analysis of the order-delivery process was performed. Miikka collected data and interviewed all employees of the unit. Our working groups were allowed to select their own representatives for the project. The root causes were clarified, corrective measures were decided, and an action plan was made. For example, we increased the engagement of the teams and initiated a weekly production meeting. Within two months, we got the project rolling and appointed a project manager from our own organisation to continue the work. The delays in deliveries have already clearly decreased.”

Juha Sojakka, CEO
Siparila Oy

”I had an idea that more towing assignments could be generated from car service centres. On this basis, Miikka began to develop a new business model and changes to our IT system to support it. This resulted in an online portal that can be used by car service centres to order towing services. We can also arrange towing by subcontractors in locations where we do not have our own towing vehicles. Our ERP supplier was flexible and made the necessary changes quickly. At the same time, Miikka helped us update our reporting system to support the new business model. The system gives us access to all the reports we need to analysis, for example, how actively the ordering portal is being used. We created a new, scalable business model, as well as a related ERP system and contract templates. We have already launched the new operations and been able to expand our business into new areas with our partners. This was all achieved in around six months.”

Heikki Rantalaiho, Managing Director
H24 Palvelut Oy

”We needed new customers, but our own sales were not very active. Miikka proposed a model according to which he would contact potential customers and arrange the first meeting. Miikka knows the industry and many of our current customers. He created a list of 40 potential new customers, and together we listed them in order of priority. Miikka contacted the companies on the list in order and arranged ten meetings. Some of them have since become new customers, and negotiations are still ongoing with a few. Before contacting them, we created a company presentation together to use as marketing material. We were very satisfied and are now considering a new assignment for Miikka.”

Esa Reponen, Managing Director
Reponen Works Oy

Caftit Oy

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Caftit Oy was founded in 2020 and offers expertise, know-how and power to execute actions needed to ensure the profitable growth of your company. The company was founded by Miikka Jämsen, who has more than 15 years of management experience in the international contract manufacturing industry. The company is based in Muurame, Finland.